Win a folding e-bike for Bike Week and Clean Air Day!

01 June 2023

This June, you can win a fabulous Dart 3 folding electric bike worth £1,299 from our friends at Batribike just by downloading the free BetterPoints app and taking our June Survey. We're celebrating Bike Week and Clean Air Day, so keep an eye on your timeline for information, rewards and prize draws throughout the month.

Why Batribike?

We work with fantastic local bike shops. Every time we ask if they can get an e-bike prize, they recommend Batribike. The experts told us that Batribike models are comfortable, reliable, easily maintained and made from high quality components. So we are delighted to be working with them to offer all BetterPoints participants in our funded areas the chance to win a...

...Dart 3 folding electric bike worth £1,299!

This lightweight, folding e-bike takes 5 hours to charge, at a cost of roughly 15p, and that full battery will go for up to 50 miles. It's got easy-to-use gears and comes fitted with a pannier rack, mudguards and stand. The folding mechanism means it can be taken on trains without booking a bike space, popped into the boot of a car for a multi-modal commute - and stored out of the way over the winter if you're a fair-weather rider.

What's all the fuss about e-bikes anyway?

In 2017, 55,000 electric bikes were sold in the UK. Last year, 155,000 were sold. The reason they are catching on is simple: they are lean, green, cost-effective commuting machines! Electric bikes flatten hills and allow you to arrive smiling and stress-free at your destination without breaking a sweat. Their acceleration and guaranteed speed make it easier and safer to ride in traffic. And they are an absolute joy to ride. If you haven't had the pleasure of riding an e-bike yet, we highly recommend dropping in to your local dealer (BN3 Bikes) and and asking for a test ride. We're pretty sure you'll love it!

OK so how do I win one?

Easy. Simply look out for the June Survey in the BetterPoints app. If you haven't joined your local programme yet, download the free BetterPoints app via the buttons or QR code below. Make sure you join your local programme by tapping Challenges ⚡️ and Join. Once you have taken the baseline survey you will earn rewards for eligible trips you record - and you'll be invited to take the survey and opt in to the prize draw!

Good luck - and happy cycling!