Maddie: Sustainable Sussex Star

26 March 2024

Maddie is a Medicine student who has used the app to increase her active travel and discover new places on her doorstep.

Here's what she said about the app:

"I heard about EcoGo through the University of Sussex website and was already intrigued about more sustainable travel. The encouragement to be more active with points and rewards also greatly motivated me. 

BetterPoints helped me to change the way you travel and to be more active. It has been a big factor in my switch to more sustainable travel methods such as walking and taking the bus. Even on a small scale I’m more likely to take the stairs than before, or walk to the shop instead of driving.

It has improved my social life as I take part in more sports and walk to lectures with my friends, the increase in activity also helps my mental health, and is great for lowering stress during a busy degree. Before university I was more likely to drive to places, however where possible I now take the bus or train and I usually travel to campus by bus or by walking.  

As someone who has lived in Brighton their whole life, I was very surprised to discover local parks and sites of nature that I hadn’t visited or had missed by driving through. There’s so much to discover right on your doorstep! I have been walking around Stanmer Park just behind Lewes Court, and explored Peacehaven, with the Undercliff walk as well as the Downs.

I like how easy the app is to use, and the challenges make healthier behaviour a lot easier to keep up with, especially if there’s an end of week coffee treat. After a long day of studying, a coffee date at Costa with my girlfriend is what I need."

Massive well done to Maddie, our latest Sussex Sustainable Travel Star and winner of 10,000 BetterPoints. If you think it could be you next month, take the survey by tapping the Menu > More ways to earn and then Sussex Star.