Exercise for exam success and boosted rewards

11 April 2022

Earn extra 60 BetterPoints a day during exam period

We'll be offering EcoGo participants QUADRUPLE points and the chance to win a free hot drink by keeping active from 25 April - 29 May.

Staying inside all day to revise might feel productive, but it is really important to spend time away from your desk and get outside.

Going for a walk, run or cycle helps supply oxygen to the brain and release tension, helping you to keep calm and study more effectively. 

So why not try a walk to the shops or a jog around a local park to break up your studies, clear your head, and return refreshed? Even on the day of an exam, could you get there actively instead of taking the car, so you arrive relaxed and with better focus?

Whether from home or campus, by exercising as part of your revision routine you can earn the following rewards:

Daily Bonus

Earn an extra 3 BetterPoints per minute (up to 20 minutes per day) by walking, wheeling, running or cycling.

Weekly Bonus & Prize Draw

Earn a bonus 400 BetterPoints by walking, wheeling, running or cycling for 10 minutes on at least 4 days a week. Across the five week challenge, that's a potential 2,000 BetterPoints to be earned.

Plus, you'll earn 1 BetterTicket into our weekly prize draw for a chance to win 1 of 3 hot drink vouchers to claim on campus.

On a different note...

Like a dance? Want to do your bit for the environment? Then take part in the Silent Disco Beach Clean on 27 April, for which you'll earn a BetterPoints bonus. Tap or click here for more details.