EcoGo will be back!

16 May 2022

More rewards coming in 2022-23 academic year

We're very pleased to reveal that the EcoGo challenge has been extended until 27 May 2023!

We'll have some exciting new rewards coming your way on Arrivals Weekend (17 - 18 September). Keep an eye on your timeline for more information.

In between time, you can still earn daily points for your active and sustainable travel to and around campus. 

So, if you're sticking around for a few days after the end of term, or intend to come back early in September, make sure you choose green travel to earn yourself rewards. 

A toast to Year 1

We want to give a big hand to all 245 (and counting) of you for taking part since the challenge launched in September 2021. Here's an overview of your active and sustainable travel achievements so far:

  • 48,300 journeys 🚌
  • 109,600 miles 🚲
  • 17,300 hours ⌛
  • 22,900 kg of CO2 avoided, equivalent to a car being driven 56,900 miles 🚘❌
  • 4,050,000 calories burned, equivalent to eating 16,900 chocolate bars 🏃🔥

Whilst this is an excellent start, we're aiming for more!

We want as many staff and students travelling in healthier and environmentally friendly ways, to make as big a difference to the climate and public health as possible.

Can you help us get there by spreading the word over the summer vacation? If your uni friends or colleagues need an extra incentive, mention that they can earn a bonus 500 BetterPoints by entering the code ECOGONOW when registering.